Commercial fire alarms

Fire destroys thousands of businesses each year costing billions of dollars in property damage, ruined inventory, and lost business opportunities. A commercial grade fire alarm system monitored by CSS can help protect your investment and employees from major loss.
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Commercial fire alarm monitoring

Perfect for businesses, large property management situations that are currently relying upon quickly-disappearing traditional phone lines, StarLink wireless communicators can be used for primary or backup fire communications, and will not only safeguard the fire alarm reporting transmissions for the future, but typically provide monthly savings over the expensive landlines they replace.

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Proven reliability

Even in difficult LTE coverage areas, StarLinks work better because they use twin dual diversity antennae –both separated & independently spaced. Each antenna receives signals simultaneously, then, using Signal Boost™, StarLink signals are intelligently selected and combined, to maximize the signal & eliminate signal drop-outs.

Fire and Sprinkler inspections

Replace POTS land lines with cellular alarm reporting quickly and easily with code-compliant, panel-powered StarLink Fire Communicators. Don't wait for copper lines to disappear in storm damage or be retired by the phone company - risking lives and liability in an emergency. The Starlink communicator keeps your business, employees, and property safe with the best technology available.
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