No Place Like Home For The Holidays

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No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Paul // December 10, 2017 // Audio

In just 2 short weeks, many of you are going to find yourselves hosting family, friends, and maybe even some people you'd rather not have in your home for Christmas. Before you start carving up that Christmas bird, take a few quick steps to ensure sure your home is the place to be for Christmas.

1. Know your WIFI password before your guests arrive- Sure, we'd all love it if those spoiled kids put their phones down for just a minute. But we also know that it's not going to happen. They'll just complain if they can't get online. Take it from me, find your WIFI password, type it in big letters on a Word doc. , print it out and stick it to the refrigerator door where everyone can see it. If your network happens to have a "Guest Network", let your wayward family and friends log into it. This will reduce network congestion and make the holiday enjoyable for everyone. Including those spoiled kids!

2. Planning on breaking out your collection of Christmas CD's or vinyl? Give everything the once over at least a week before the party. For AV professionals, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. If there's an issue with your equipment, give yourself enough time to be able to get it repaired or replaced.

3. Dreaming of streaming? Nobody wants to play DJ all night. If you're planning on using a streaming service like Pandora make sure you create a Christmas station ahead of time. Turn it on, set the volume and get back to the party. If you're picky about your holiday music and are using a service like Napster or Spotify, create the playlist ahead of time. This can actually be a lot of fun, and can help make a lot of great memories. I'm a traditional Christmas song kind of guy, but it's a crime if you don't include Ray Charles- Spirit of Christmas.

4. How about a Christmas movie? There are so many great Christmas movies. It's always fun to put one on the big screen, even if it's on in the background. Here are few of my personal favorites.
1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
2. Polar Express
3. A Christmas Story
4.Miracle on 34th Street.

5. NETFLIX can be your friend- If you're planning on streaming a movie, NETFLIX has a huge selection of Christmas movies. They also have a 4k Yule Log roasting fire in the Christmas section. Just search Christmas and it's right there. I'm convinced it makes the room feel warmer.


With a little preparation your Christmas party will go off without a hitch. We'll be spending the holiday with our families, but If you need assistance before the big day gets here, we'll be there.

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