Why you need professional help
(for your home network)

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Why you need professional help
(for your home network)

Leland Lee // October 6, 2017 // Home Networks

As the saying goes, “I am of a certain age”. That means I have been around long enough to have seen a few changes. I remember vividly a world and a life BEFORE the Internet. I have experienced the Internet in its infancy, and into its maturity.

There’s no debating the impact the Internet has had on business and all of our personal lives. It has completely transformed how we buy things, how we get our entertainment, and how we interact with society and the world at large. The Internet has reshaped the world as we know it.

Internet service has become a necessity, like electricity and running water. We depend on all three services, and tend to take them for granted. When they fail, we are immediately aware of their absence, and we are probably a bit irritated as well. For myself, I can’t conduct my business without it.

The importance of the Internet in the home has also never been greater.

Almost everything is connected now: smart home systems, alarms, cameras, TVs & most other entertainment equipment, heating & air, irrigation equipment, pool controllers, automated shades, and even appliances. Fast Internet service from the provider of your choice, and a robust infrastructure inside the house are the keys to a superior, reliable experience.

First, I want to squash two misconceptions. The “Internet” is the communications vehicle outside the walls of your home. What’s inside is not the Internet, but it can provide a path of connectivity to the Internet. WiFi and the Internet are not one in the same. You can have WiFi and NOT have Internet.

So what is this “robust infrastructure” that I am talking about? It is networking, both wired and wireless (also known as WiFi). Contrary to popular wisdom, not everything is or should be wireless. The fact is a wired connection, all else being equal, is always going to be faster and more reliable than a wireless connection. If a device can be wired, it should be. That being said, WiFi plays a crucial role with portable devices, and in retrofit situations where running a wire isn’t economically or aesthetically practical.

Not all home networks are created equal. With the benefit of many years of networking experience, I have seen a number of problems in homes. The Internet equipment handed out by Internet providers is, stating it bluntly, sub-standard. Slow performance, lack of configurability, weak WiFi, and lockups are the usual symptoms. You don’t want it. Same goes with most off the shelf Internet routers you can purchase at big box stores. Ditto most WiFi extender devices. Performance ranges from barely adequate to not working at all.

I paint a bleak picture, don’t I? Not all is lost. Good solutions do exist for a robust network infrastructure. Reliable performance, and WiFi coverage throughout your home is obtainable. My advice? Seek out a home networking professional to design, implement and support your home network. You’ll be glad you did.

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