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The demand on your home network grows every day. Let' make sure your WIFI is up to the challenge.

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Don't leave your entertainment or productivity up to a router from your cable provider. The truth is, some routers and gateways provided by cable companies are outdated and simply can't provide the speeds or coverage they advertise.

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    Stream music, movies, and more.

    Streaming TV shows, movies, and other types of video once a fringe habit has become mainstream. Can your home network handle the demand of today's High Definition programming?

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    Can your network do this?

    • World Class Performance

      Exceptional performance and faster speeds delivered to even the most bandwidth-intensive smart devices.

    • Better Coverage

      Built with powerful antenna arrays to deliver faster speeds at a greater, more effective range to.

    • Larger Device Capacity

      Support a larger number of connected devices to meet the demands of today’s smart home technology.

    Savant Automation App

    • Seamless Video Streaming

      Designed to support bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive voice and video traffic without compromising performance.

    • Worry Free Wireless

      Networking for today's connected home. Combined with robust hardware and enterprise-grade chipsets.

    • Secure

      Supports the latest security encryption methods to keep your smart home secure.

    Get connected. Stay connected.

    The foundation of technology.
    Think of your home network as the foundation that all of your entertainment is built on.
    Movies, gaming, TV shows, work, everything revolves around your data network. Let's make
    sure your foundation is a strong one.

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